Randy Pastors Sleep With Barren Women

Women seeking children through prayers have continued to fall prey to “pastors,”, who defile them even on the altar.

It was learnt that 43 women have fallen into the hands of such “men of God in Warri and Asaba towns of Delta State in the past few months.

The “wonder pastors” allegedly sleep with them on the altar to perform magic to make them “mothers.” Insider sources said the pastors carry out their immoral acts with the women at the wee hours after surreptitiously obtaining permission from their husbands to attend all night prayers.

Most of the “pastors” allegedly acquired “powers from an Asian country to perform the magic.

Our sources said these women are seen like contemporary born again Christians with jerry cans coming out of the churches.

Only last Thursday, a married woman (name withheld) narrated the evil acts of the “pastors” with a video tape that was exclusively watched as some married women in Warri were seen naked lying face up with their legs open wide.

The only thing they had on was the white mothercare bra with naked men on them.

The woman narrated how a popular pastor (name withheld) in Warri told her not to open her eyes during which she was allegedly subjected to the sex spree.

Sources said while the love-making process was on, their victims were told to be responding “power enter me, I need a child.”

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